We Build
a Better Future.

Intelligent City provides breakthrough turn-key urban housing to developers, landowners, and housing operators.

Buildings have a significant impact on our daily lives and the environment. However, the housing industry has been unable to innovate and change.

Our solution is a market-ready, fully integrated housing platform for mid- to high-rise mixed-use urban housing, using off-site prefabricated mass-timber, Passive House, digital design and robotic technologies.

Build Smarter. Live Better. Think Change.

We Rethink
Urban Living.

Intelligent City envisions carbon-neutral urban living as a network of resilient communities and environments.


Our buildings weave a network of privacy gradients that enable spontaneous social encounters, inclusion and co-living.


We make urban living more enjoyable by creating innovative spaces that bring neighbours together and foster community engagement.

Our Approach

This is:
Platforms for Life

The Future of Urban Housing

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Future Proof

Resilience & Efficiency

Platforms for Life buildings combine mass timber prefabrication with Passive House certification and efficient design. As a result, our housing solutions are highly sustainable, resilient, and adaptable to the rapidly changing needs of society.

End-to-End Process

Customizable and Scalable Process

Scalable and automated, our parametric and prefabricated building system makes it possible to adapt buildings to a multitude of urban scenarios. Through this smart combination, we create highly adaptable and desirable urban living spaces.

Communities and Urban Living

Built for Culture & Engagement

Committed to improving urban living by building long-lasting and inclusive communities, we design and build housing solutions that that bring people together and encourage social connection.

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Who We Are

Leaders in Innovative Urban Housing

We are a team of ambitious, open-minded, and motivated architects, designers and engineers. Drawing on a multi-faceted range of interests and qualifications, we create innovative, uniquely sustainable urban living solutions.

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