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Intelligent City finalist of the BESC competition

We are very excited to announce that Intelligent City has been named as a finalist for the Breakthrough Energy Solutions Canada competition, conducted by NRCan in collaboration with Breakthrough Energy Ventures and BDC. 

Read the news release about all finalists of the BESC competition here.

Intelligent City is transforming the construction industry through Platforms for Life (P4L), a scalable and adaptable proprietary technology platform, that is generating highly desirable multi-family urban housing products with new levels of affordability, resilience, carbon neutrality and social sustainability. P4L is being created through the convergence of patent-pending mass timber building systems, design-engineering innovation, Passive House performance, automated manufacturing, and parametric end-to-end software. Our housing products reach net zero energy readiness and provide an immediate pathway to carbon neutral construction through a breakthrough triple-win: (1) sequestered carbon in mass timber, (2) dramatically reduced operational and behavioural carbon emissions, and (3) accelerated carbon benchmarking, in an industry that is responsible for more than 38% of global GHG emissions.


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