Canadian Architect magazine cover from April 2020 issue covering technological innovation

Intelligent City featured in Canadian Architect Magazine

Intelligent City is featured in the April 2020 issue of the Canadian Architect Magazine (link). In an article called “Home Products” the technological innovation of Intelligent City is reflected in the context of new urban housing solutions. In the search for a sustainable and affordable urban future, it is Intelligent City’s integrative approach towards design, software and manufacturing that results in a viable product-based approach.

Elsa Lam, Editor at Canadian Architect, writes:

In Intelligent City’s model, the potential efficiencies extend from the beginnings of the design process through to construction. The practice’s team has developed generative design software that explores multiple scenarios for any given site, reduces the time needed for developing construction drawings, and communicates directly with CNC and robotic fabrication equipment.”

Intelligent City’s Co-Founders Cindy Wilson and Oliver Lang are quoted on the most pressing issues in our industry:

“Most of the time, architects are still building custom homes like artisans,” says Wilson. “We can’t implement innovation since it’s impossible on the individual level of the building.” She adds, “For us, the motivation is that we want to get to better buildings—not just for a few, but as an industry.”

“Think 2050—can you imagine that we are still building cars with internal combustion engines?” says Lang. “Can we imagine that we still construct buildings as one-offs with manual labour? That we create buildings that are not based on renewable materials, that are not carbon neutral and resilient?”

Read the article here:


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