Intelligent City Presents at “The Future of Construction is Prefabrication!”

Our CEO, Oliver Lang, will be speaking at “The Future of Construction is…Prefabrication!” Wood WORKS! event on November 16th, 2021.

Prefabrication systems are becoming more prevalent in the building industry. Due to labour shortages, building performance requirements and regulations, increased density expectations, and new materials, there is a rising demand to integrate the design process directly with production facilities. This integrated approach will result in buildings being built smarter, faster, better performing, and more cost-effectively.

This workshop will bring together manufacturers, end-users, contractors, and researchers to discuss advancements in prefabrication processes.

Participants will learn:

  • The benefits and drawbacks of various different levels of
  • Look at instances of successful initiatives and how they dealt with issues.
  • How to improve efficiency and quality using digital technologies.
  • Integrating offshore components into municipal structures

Attend in person for great networking opportunities, or join virtually for immediate access to the session recording!

Click here to register for the event!


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