Granville Project Receives Unanimous Support!

We are excited to announce that our project Monad Granville received unanimous support from the Urban Design Panel at the City of Vancouver!

Monad Granville is a 9-storey mixed-use development located in Downtown Vancouver. Our vision for this project is to create a functional and economically viable building that would have both a positive impact socially, environmentally, and on the real estate industry. We are eager to see social benefits arise from our construction and excited to help create, foster, and future a sense of community.

You can see more information on our Granville project here:


Intelligent City Raises $30 Million

Intelligent City Raises $30 Million to Advance the Sustainable Urban Housing Industry Using Mass Timber, Automation, and Robotics. Funds raised will support the company’s global, automated design and manufacturing solution, which is on track to deliver over 2,300 apartments.


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