Intelligent City Started Commercial Volume Production

We are thrilled to share the exciting news that Intelligent City started commercial volume production at our Delta, BC factory in February. Our journey from R&D to full operations has been marked by years of dedicated technology innovation, trial runs, testing, and certifications, leading us to this pivotal moment.

We are now producing mass timber Passive House panels for our inaugural housing project – The BC Indigenous Housing Society‘s Iconic Khupkhahpay’ay Building in East Vancouver. This project symbolizes not just the realization of our vision of productized building systems, but also a testament to the power of innovation and collaboration.

The first image depicts the commencement of construction on the Khupkhahpay’ay Building, illustrating the initial stages of development as the structure begins to take shape. The second image provides a rendered representation of the completed building, offering a glimpse into its envisioned final form.

We invite you to watch our latest video showcasing our manufacturing process!

Video credit to Den Didenko

We are proud to work alongside the project team at GBL Architects and Ventana Construction Corporation to bring the Khupkhahpay’ay Building to life.

Stay tuned as we share updates on panel production, installation, and the transformative impact of this project on the environment and the community.


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